• Social Impact
    Social Impact

    Social Impact

    Christian Children’s Fund of Canada inspires communities to create a safe place for children to grow, laugh, learn, and play so they can achieve their full potential.

We closely follow more than 40 child development indicators to ensure children can grow up healthy and achieve their full potential.

We can measure both access to life's essentials, like clean water, and changes in behaviour, such as children using clean water to practice good hygiene and slow the spread of disease.

By carefully measuring and evaluating progress, we know when children and communities are achieving success and when they may need additional support.

Our Impact is Real

We build deep, strong roots in the communities where we work. We align our plans with national and local government strategies, hire local staff, and work closely with local partners.

We set clear goals in partnership with each community, and develop step-by-step plans to achieve them. Children, youth, community members and local partners participate and lead change.

The social impact is immense. Healthy children participate and use their voice for change. Families gain access to clean water, education, medical care, and job and skills training. Communities tackle the root causes of poverty and lead their own development.

We use results-based management to measure and evaluate everything we do. This ensures we are accountable to donors and the communities we serve, and are able to achieve the greatest change for children.

Our communities also measure their own progress. Children, youth, women and men meet regularly to identify achievements and discuss setbacks. Together, they decide on how to move forward, and request any additional support they need from CCFC.

Social impact can be seen in every community where we work through initiatives that are innovative in their design, in our partnership approach and implementation.

Christian Children's Fund of Canada partners with organizations and communities that share our values and goals

Together, we help communities become self-sustaining

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