Nancy Anabel has more than two decades of experience leading rural development work.

A strategic and forward-looking professional, Nancy advocates for issues related to inclusivity and sustainable development. She has led transformation among men and women in rural India to realize social and economic empowerment by combining cutting-edge technology with her knowledge of gender issues.

Most recently, she led a flagship program at M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation where she worked with a large, multi-disciplined team to build and promote resilience among vulnerable rural communities across 24 states in India.

Nancy has been instrumental in raising funds for program development by building strategic alliances with reputable public, private, corporate and international organizations, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Norwegian Government, Tata Trust, Qualcomm, Intel and Microsoft.

The versatile leader has spearheaded several development projects, including one addressing lifelong learning that’s now being adopted in seven countries across South Asia and two countries in Africa.

An alumnus of Carleton University in Canada, Nancy also holds a masters of philosophy with a focus in sociology, a masters of social work, a post-graduate diploma in counselling and a diploma in theology.

Nancy writes spiritual songs and loves to read and travel with family.