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How Sponsorship Works (Video)<\/h1>\r\n

Watch to see how Christian Children\u2019s Fund of Canada\u2019s sponsorship model works<\/em><\/p>\r\n

MARKHAM, Ont. \u2014 What actually happens to money donated through child sponsorship? Thanks to sponsors, Christian Children\u2019s Fund of Canada creates tangible, positive change in the lives of half-a-million people each year.<\/p>\r\n

\u201cIt takes a healthy community to raise a healthy child, and so our approach to development is to support the community to lead their own change,\u201d a narrator tells viewers of our new\u00a0How Sponsorship Works<\/span>\u00a0<\/a>video. \u201cWhatever the challenge, community members are encouraged to determine what\u2019s important to them. This way change is long-lasting.\u201d<\/p>\r\n

Watch the video below for the full story about how donor dollars are making a difference.<\/p>\r\n

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What Sponsorship Means To Me<\/h1>\r\n

Health and Nutrition<\/p>\r\n

Muniabarathy lives in India and became a sponsored child when she was eight years old. To Muniabarathy, sponsorship is a special gift, one that has changed her life.<\/p>\r\n","language":"*","state":"1"},{"id":"143","title":"Children use their voice for change","alias":"children-use-their-voice-for-change","introtext":"


Children use their voice for change<\/h1>\r\n


\u201cAs soon as I open the door, the children will rush in to select books!\u201d grins Akkammal. \u201cWe children never actually had a place to call our own and we did not know that books could be so interesting!\u201d<\/p>\r\n","language":"*","state":"1"},{"id":"142","title":"Mother and Daughter freed from fear","alias":"mother-and-daughter-freed-from-fear","introtext":"


Mother and Daughter freed from fear<\/h1>\r\n

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene<\/p>\r\n

The importance of toilets in developing countries rarely makes headlines. Yet, poor sanitation contributes to 1.5 million preventable child deaths each year, and chronic diarrhea leaves many more children underweight and malnourished \u2013 vulnerable to illness and disease. Lack of privacy, or nearby facilities, also places children, particularly girls, at risk of being targeted by predators.<\/p>\r\n","language":"*","state":"1"},{"id":"140","title":"Making schools a safer place for girls","alias":"making-schools-a-safe-place-for-girls","introtext":"


Making schools a safe place for girls<\/h1>\r\n

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene<\/p>\r\n

Malar** raises her hand to answer a question, excited she knows the answer and happy to be in class.<\/p>\r\n

The shy, slim eighth grader lives on the East Coast of the Gulf of Mannar, a region in India where even the mention of sexual and reproductive health is taboo.<\/p>\r\n","language":"*","state":"1"},{"id":"139","title":"Collecting and Distributing Milk in India","alias":"collecting-and-distributing-milk-in-india","introtext":"


Collecting and Distributing Milk in India<\/h1>\r\n

Sustainable Economic Growth<\/p>\r\n

Two hundred and fifty families are happy and thriving, after the establishment of milk distribution centres in five rural villages in India. In the past, due to erratic rainfall and drought conditions, families had to ration the feed they provide for their cattle causing low, poor quality milk yield and no income for part of the year.<\/p>\r\n","language":"*","state":"1"},{"id":"129","title":"A new medium to express their concerns. ","alias":"a-new-medium-to-express-their-concerns","introtext":"


A new medium to express their concerns.<\/h1>\r\n

Strengthening Community Organizations<\/p>\r\n

Children from certain villages in India didn\u2019t feel comfortable reporting on child rights violations because they were worried about the repercussions. Examples of some of these violations include cases of child labour, early marriage, child trafficking, and domestic violence<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"}]}