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Mother and Daughter freed from fear<\/h1>\r\n

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene<\/p>\r\n

The importance of toilets in developing countries rarely makes headlines. Yet, poor sanitation contributes to 1.5 million preventable child deaths each year, and chronic diarrhea leaves many more children underweight and malnourished \u2013 vulnerable to illness and disease. Lack of privacy, or nearby facilities, also places children, particularly girls, at risk of being targeted by predators.<\/p>\r\n","language":"*","state":"1"},{"id":"140","title":"Making schools a safer place for girls","alias":"making-schools-a-safe-place-for-girls","introtext":"


Making schools a safe place for girls<\/h1>\r\n

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene<\/p>\r\n

Malar** raises her hand to answer a question, excited she knows the answer and happy to be in class.<\/p>\r\n

The shy, slim eighth grader lives on the East Coast of the Gulf of Mannar, a region in India where even the mention of sexual and reproductive health is taboo.<\/p>\r\n","language":"*","state":"1"}]}