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How Sponsorship Works (Video)<\/h1>\r\n

Watch to see how Christian Children\u2019s Fund of Canada\u2019s sponsorship model works<\/em><\/p>\r\n

MARKHAM, Ont. \u2014 What actually happens to money donated through child sponsorship? Thanks to sponsors, Christian Children\u2019s Fund of Canada creates tangible, positive change in the lives of half-a-million people each year.<\/p>\r\n

\u201cIt takes a healthy community to raise a healthy child, and so our approach to development is to support the community to lead their own change,\u201d a narrator tells viewers of our new\u00a0How Sponsorship Works<\/span>\u00a0<\/a>video. \u201cWhatever the challenge, community members are encouraged to determine what\u2019s important to them. This way change is long-lasting.\u201d<\/p>\r\n

Watch the video below for the full story about how donor dollars are making a difference.<\/p>\r\n

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Children use their voice for change<\/h1>\r\n


\u201cAs soon as I open the door, the children will rush in to select books!\u201d grins Akkammal. \u201cWe children never actually had a place to call our own and we did not know that books could be so interesting!\u201d<\/p>\r\n","language":"*","state":"1"}]}